Maharajiad I - The Archive

Maharajiad I was the first tournament aimed at promotion of the excellent variant Maharajah by David E. Cohen. The variant homepage which has all the information of interest for this variant can be viewed here. GS provides a description and the variant-files on our pages, too.

Here you'll find the complete archive of the tournament, with an overview of the games, the rules and the results of the Maharajiad I.


Final Result

Maharajiad Final Game is over by unanimous vote. Mughalistan/ Mike Morris Is the Tournament winner, Congratulations!

Ending Center Count:

Mughalistan/ Mike Morris: 12
Delhi/ Lynn Mercer: 10
Gondwana/ Andrew Stupple: 7
Vijayanagar/ Paul Stuckwisch: 7
Persia/ Philippe Bergeron: 1
Bahmana/ Luis Aldamiz: 0
Rajputana/ Gregory Alexopoulos: 0