'Graue Substanz' - Who's that?

In Spring 2000 Bernd Bönte called 6 of his friends to play Diplomacy by e-mail. Said, done. And for short time friends became enemies. The first game of Diplomacy has never been terminated but the diplomatic fire was kindled, so that subsequent games with friends and acquaintance were started soon.

With the help of the new justifier 'Realpolitik' - including new maps and variants - the small Diplomacy-community had a considerable upswing. Meanwhile we have about 100 players disporting themselves in nearly 20 games of Diplomacy, and recruited ambassadors all over Germany. To our regret this doesn't apply to people from foreign countries so far but we are confident that this will change in the near future.

However, the family flair has been preserved at all times. We love us and we hate us from the bottom of our hearts;-)


Speaking of variants

We at gS love variants what led in the first place to the creation of these pages. We were looking for other (German) variant lovers and needed a platform to play our beloved game.
At some point only playing wasn't enough for us and we started to build variants on our own which you can admire ;-) Our Selfmades


'Graue Substanz' - What's that?

gray matter ('graue Substanz'): the part of the central nervous system composed of nerve cell bodies, their dendrites, and the proximal and terminal unmyelinated portions of axons.

white matter ('weiße Substanz'): whitish nerve tissue, especially of the brain and spinal cord, consisting chiefly of myelinated nerve fibres.



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